A Little Village in the Countryside..

Hi all! I’ve recently moved out and into my own place in another nearby village from where I grew up, here in the English countryside. It’s a very tiny village, with the population being only 105 (according to wikipedia), that sits right on the edge of the Norfolk Broads. It is a very pretty, quaint place, with lovely views and spots along the river. So I thought I would share some photo’s that I have taken while out walking my dog Evie.. Hope you enjoy, Melissa 🙂






Still Here!..

Hi guy’s.. I know last year I only just started this blog and have only done a couple of posts and then I just vanished..but I’m still here! And I’m going to start posting again soon! Been a busy few months, but I’m ready to rejoin the blogging community!! So this was just a little update, hope everyone is well and see you soon with a new post, Melissa 🙂

Bonfire Night

On Thursday -the 5th of November- it was of course Bonfire night (or Guy Fawkes Night). It is a British tradition where all over the UK bonfires are lit and fireworks are sparked off, as the setting sun disappears.

It all started in 1605 when a man called Guy Fawkes was caught guarding barrels of explosives beneath the houses of parliament in a plan to blow them and the King of England up. Of course they were caught and we now celebrate this day as a British tradition.. Thats my very brief attempt of the history of it anyway..

Usually every year my family go to a display somewhere local, either on the day or that weekend. When we were younger we used to have a few fireworks and sparklers in my Auntie and Uncles back garden. This year was no exception, so on Saturday, Mum, my youngest brother, one of my friends and I, went along to a local display run by a scout group, held in a neighboring village up the road..


I for one love Bonfire Night.. Equipping yourself with your coat, hat and wellies, trudging through the muddy field, chatting with your friends and family, feeling the bonfire warm on your face, while excitedly waiting for the sky to be lit up.. While it was quite a mild night, the stars were all out as well adding to the beauty of the night sky. All the lights and colours and smiling faces just makes it so magical..




Halloween Knits

As Halloween is fast approaching (tomorrow in fact!) I decided to do a couple of last minute cute and quick, spooky knits..

Now I’m not one to follow knitting or crochet patterns, to be totally honest I’m not very good at following them and they really confuse me, it takes an age of stopping and starting, reading and working out, and my project never seems to get completed.


So on my eight legged friend I crocheted, I made it up as I went.. But all you need to do is crochet a small ball with black DK wool on a 4mm hook and stuff it with toy stuffing-or whatever you have to hand (like old pairs of tights, wool ends or even cotton wool)-, then I simply platted a few lengths of my wool and sewed them onto the black ball for the legs. What I’d like to do is attach the underside of my spider to a couple of hair pins and have it as a scary hair accessory.. (Only for Halloween of course!)..

For my pumpkin knit I did actually follow a fantastic youtube tutorial by Bella Coco, which you can find here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FVnyQhmqFs    Then I just crocheted a small stork instead of the leaves done in the tutorial and attached to the body of my pumpkin.

I hope you enjoy my knits and they can give you a little bit of last minute inspiration for your own creepily fun Halloween ideas..


Woodland Chestnut Foraging

You truly know it’s autumn when the air blows chillier, the leaves change colour and you find yourself reaching for your wooly jumper and thick socks. For me this time of year is definitely one to look forward to, cosy nights in, warm cuddly blankets and hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream..mmm… But, that is not all! Autumn is a wonderful time to layer up, get your wellies on an go and explore!

A magical place to go explore this time of year is the woods! It really is beautiful. With the whole array of colourful leaves, the crisp air on your face and the low sun peeking through the trees.. you just can’t beat it! So when my sister wanted to go get some chestnuts we headed down to our favorite woods, along with my little dog (and shadow) Evie..




A Little Introduction..

Hello! My names Melissa, I’m from the depths of the Norfolk countryside in England and I’m completely new to this whole blogging thing!

I’ve thought about starting a blog on and off for quite a while now, as I’m completely hooked and love taking photographs and wanted a place to put my photographs and thoughts..so here i finally am, stepping into this new, (and a little bit scary) world of blogging! I’ve recently moved out of my family home and I think this is what has finally kick-started me into action, to make the leap of faith and give blogging a go!!

My future posts will probably be based around my day to day nature finds-usually while out walking my dog Evie (who will most probably be making appearances in my photos) and I’ll be posting about any craft projects I might get up to.. So nature finds, crafts and who knows what else I might find myself taking photo’s of and writing about in the future..

So this was just a little introduction to myself and my blog Rustic Melissa.. Hope to see you pop over again for future posts, thanks and enjoy, Melissa 🙂